Monday, 29 March 2021

The Polyculture Project - Regenerative Landscape Designs - Tristanne Davis

 Last year we launched our first Regenerative Landscape Design - Online Interactive Course. We had an amazing group from all over the world and have been encouraged and inspired by the excellent work the group produced throughout the course. During this 20 week course, it is our primary goal to provide confidence and inspiration to our participants to start building regenerative landscapes, gardens, and farms that produce food and other resources for humans while enhancing biodiversity.  Judging by the design projects the participants completed at the end of the course it looks like we're on the right track and we're looking forward to our next course starting May 1st this year.

Regenerative Landscape Design - Online Interactive Course - How to Design, Build and Manage Polycultures for Landscapes, Gardens and Farms

With permission, we'll be sharing some of the final designs from the course with you over the next few months. This week we're presenting a design from Tristanne Davis, whose project concept was a research farm for regenerative supply chains. Her design features a polyculture farm dedicated to researching and demonstrating best practices in regenerative agriculture to serve as feedstock for emerging biobased markets (i.e. oil, fiber, fragrance and food/feed ingredients), as companies decarbonize their supply chains and seek viable, scalable, and sustainable plant-based alternatives to fossil feedstock for their products.

If you would like more information on this design or to contact Tristanne, you can reach her at, and if you would like to join the course this spring, you can find out all about what's included here.

We'll be publishing more designs throughout the coming months.


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