Sunday 9 January 2022

Volunteering in Shipka - A Week by Week Diary - ESC Project

We'd like to wish all our friends and supporters a very happy 2022 :) We'll be sending out a newsletter in the next few weeks with a review of last year and plans for this year.

In 2021, we hosted a European Solidarity Corps (ESC) project with a focus was on growing food while enhancing biodiversity and community building through supporting the local mayor's team, the elderly residents, and the local young people.

Each week we wrote a short record of what we got up to at the project. Here is the week-by-week diary from the season. Welcome to our Online Store where you can find Forest Garden/ Permaculture plants, seeds, bulbs, and Polyculture multi-packs along with digital goods and services such as Online Courses, Webinars, eBooks, and Online Consultancy.  We hope you enjoy the store and find something you like :) It's your purchases that keep our Project going. You can also find our full list of trees. shrubs and herbs for forest gardens on our website here 


Week by Week Updates

The volunteers also kept a personal blog of their experiences. To check the photo album see here.


Thank you to Misha and Philip from the Green School Village for coordinating the ESC project. 

We'd also like to thank Sophie from Ura Gora Foundation for being an amazing mentor to the volunteers and for her support of the project in general. 

Much gratitude goes out to Rumyana Stoyanova, Kristiana Karneva, Elitsa Maksimova & Mihail Kossev for their involvement. the volunteers. Thanks x 1000 - it was an absolute pleasure to host you here and an honour and inspiring to meet and work with such a creative and talented group of multinational young people.  The future of our planet seems bright with international bright young things like this around. They all have interesting projects and talents, so check out the links for more info or to connect. Markus from Estonia, Ruxandra from Romania, Tara from Slovenia, Ruhsar from Turkey/The Netherlands, Fanny from France, Hekim from Turkey, Marco from Switzerland and Julian from Germany.


Some of the amazing team - from L - R, Ruxandra, Hekim, Ruhsar, Markus & Fanny


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