Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2018 Polyculture Project - Week by Week Updates

Here is a list of week by week blog updates from the Polyculture Project 2018

Week 1 - The Beginning of the Season
Week 2 - Biomass Trials 
Week 3 - More Biomass Trials and Forest Garden 
Week 4 -Forest Gardens, Wildlife and Water Harvesting
Week 5 -Biodiversity Surveys, Vegetable Polycultures 
Week 6 - Planting out and Bird Life
Week 7 - Cherry Heaven, Robinia Coppice and Irrigation channels
Week 8 - Forest Garden Fruit, Wildflowers
Week 9 - Perennial Herbs, Polyculture Gardens
Week 10 -Contour Beds, Forest Garden Layers and Wildlife
Week 11 - Polyculture Vegetable Beds, Garden Organisms and RLD Course
Week 12 - Garden Wildlife, Fruit and Veggie boxes and Eudamonia - new garden
Week 13 - Creating a Raised Bed, Summer Fruits and Wild Rivers
Week 14Summer Herbs and Fruits and Wildflowers in the Polyculture Veg Beds and Forest Garden
Week 15 - Planning for Tree Planting, Biomass Plants, Growing Trees from Seed
Week 16 - Soil Testing, Discovering Local Plants and Woodland Coppice
Week 17 - Plants to Attract Beneficial Insects, Bed Preparation Trials and Forest Garden Plants
Week 18 - Praying Mantids, Native Medicinal Plants and Garden Produce 
Week 19  - Fastest Growing Trees in the Temperate Zone, Seed Harvesting and a Green Toad Gathering
Week 20  - Smut, Ducks in the Garden and Green Manures 
Week 21 - Holidays
Week 22 - Juicing, Seed Harvesting, Shifting Seasons
Week 23 - Broadscale Regenerative Design, Entomology Surveys and Micro climate
Week 24 - The End of the Polyculture Study 2018, Aquatic Plant Propagation and Nut Harvest
Week 25 - Perennial Vegetables, Late Flowering Herbs and Autumn Leaves
Week 26 - An Interview with Info Europa
Week 27 - Winter Arrives, Planting Garlic, Bird Life and a New Forest Garden
Week 28 - The Polyculture Market Garden Study - Results from Year 4 

Thank you to the team of volunteers that joined us for the study and that make it possible for us to carry out our experiments and research. It was a pleasure to work together with you :) Thank you Victoria Bezhitashvili, Angela Rice, Malcolm Cannon, Elise Bijl, Alex Camilleri, Daniel Stradner, Emilce Nonquepan, Ezekiel Orba and Chris Kirby Lambert.

Come and be involved in the project. 1 - 6 month positions are currently open on our polyculture study.

Permaculture and Regenerative Design Internships 

If you would like to create a forest garden and gain some practical hands on experience join us this Spring. We'll be covering site surveying, landscape design software, installing access, beds, irrigation channels, planting tree, shrub, herb and ground layers and making a small wildlife pond. All in 3 days! And plenty of follow up material to take away with you to digest slowly.

We offer a diversity of plants and seeds for permaculture and forest gardens  including a range of fruit and nut cultivars. We Deliver all over Europe from Nov - March. Give a happy plant a happy home :) 

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