Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Funded Opportunity for 2020 at Our Project

We are delighted to be offering two volunteers a fully-funded opportunity to join us at the project for six months from April 1st - September 30th 2020, under a new initiative from the European Union and working in collaboration with the Green School Village, Bulgaria.

Shipka and Our Project Gardens

What will you be doing?

  • Taking part in The Polyculture Project trials, including the development of a new garden
  • Helping to build a community Forest Garden
  • Assisting the local mayor with a variety of activities that enhance the local area, such as maintaining mountain trails, irrigation systems, building benches for a resting area next to the river and helping some of the elderly residents in their gardens while learning about traditional techniques of growing food .
  • Building a database of all the trees in Shipka, including identifying, photographing and geolocating the trees
  • Keeping records of your experiences every week via a blog
  • Attending our Design and Build Forest Garden Course free of charge

Where will you be staying?

You will be staying in a self catering house that is simple but comfortable, and within walking distance of the project sites. You will have your own private bedroom, Wi-Fi internet, and share the kitchen, bathroom, and garden spaces with volunteers of our project.

Who Can Join and When ?

Volunteers should be aged between 18 - 30 and ideally reside in one of the following countries: Armenia, Estonia, The Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. These countries listed are the official partners, but if you or someone you know is interested and resides in a country not listed, you or they can still apply, and if the application is an exceptional match for the volunteering project, then it will be considered. The volunteering period is from April 1st - September 30th, 2020.

How to Join? 

If you would like to take part please register here, or if you know someone who would be interested in this opportunity, please spread the word. Once you have registered, we'll be in touch and the deadline for receiving applications is 14/02/20.

This opportunity is funded by The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) which aims to create opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad those benefit communities and people around Europe. This volunteering program has two main themes - helping our Polyculture Project team to promote how we can produce food and other resources while enhancing biodiversity in our region, and showing solidarity with the local community through a variety of interesting tasks and activities, often in co-operation with the local mayor.

Upcoming Forest Garden Courses 

If you would like to create a forest garden and gain some practical hands-on experience come and join us for our Design and Build a Forest Garden Course. We'll be covering site surveying, landscape design software, installing access, beds, irrigation channels, planting tree, shrub, herb and ground layers, and wildlife ponds. All in 3 days! And plenty of follow up material to take away with you to digest slowly.

Design and Build - Forest Garden Course  - Regenerative Landscape Design Course

Registration for our course is now open with a 15% discount on accommodation and food fees when you register as a group (2 or more). You can also take advantage of early booking discounts if you book 3 months before the course starts.


Please Consider Supporting Our Efforts 

Our project grows with our desire to provide better quality information. Our overheads and demands on our time also grow along with our development and this presents a challenge for us to maintain the project and activities. We do not receive any government, institutional or NGO funding for our project and rely on revenue from sales of our courses, plants, consultancy, and design work along with the support of our amazing volunteers to develop and manage the gardens and are very grateful for this. So please consider joining us for a course or event, purchasing products and services from our online store or plants from our bio nursery, participating in our online educational platforms and support the project while we support you. Feeling super generous today? You can also support us directly with a one-time donation or become a sponsor of our project providing monthly support. With your support, we will continue to improve on producing quality information and data for the community, building a world-class demonstration landscape and progress on our mission to develop and promote practices that can produce food and other resources for humans while enhancing biodiversity.


We also accept donations via bank transfer in USD - EURO - GBP - AUD - NZD  - (please email for account details) and via peer to peer distributed ledger - BTC - ETH

If you are not in a financial position to purchase our products and services or donate please comment, like and share our work. This helps us to spread our work further afield and is much appreciated.


Would you like to be involved in the project next season?  1-6 month placements on our polyculture study are now open. 

Permaculture and Regenerative Design Internships


We offer a diversity of plants and seeds for permaculture, forest gardens and regenerative landscapes including a range of fruit and nut cultivars. We Deliver all over Europe from Nov - March.  Give a happy plant a happy home!

Our Bio-Nursery - Permaculture/Polyculture/ Regenerative Landscape Plants 


Design and Create Webinars - Forest Gardens, Urban Gardens, Permaculture, Regenerative Farming   

We're hosting a range of online learning sessions including how to create habitat to enhance biodiversity, how to design and build a forest garden, polyculture design software tutorials, regenerative farm, and landscape design, urban gardening and much more. If you would like to be notified when our next sessions are coming up please add your email below and hit subscribe and we'll be in touch.

You can also register for our online training, services, and products directly here.


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