Friday, 25 October 2019

The Polyculture Project 2019 - A Week by Week Diary and the Season in Pictures.

We're so grateful that people from all over the world join us for our polyculture study each year with so much enthusiasm and help us on our mission to develop and promote practices that provide food and other resources while enhancing biodiversity.  Each week I write a short record of what we got up to at the project. Here is the week by week diary from the season followed by the season in pictures.

Polyculture Study /Permaculture Internship 2019

Thanks x 1000 again to the crew of 2019, it was an absolute pleasure to host you here. 

Ronan Delente - Michael Krack - Leonie Steinherr - Ben Peirson - Lilly Clark - Martin Votava - Amy Brangwyn - Eileen Wylicil - Tobi and Christina.Ruchel - Karo Castro-Wunsch - Kiki Ami - Maria Cruz - Shahara Khaleque - Jolanda de Rooij - Paul Vdsande - Simon Leupi  - Eva Goldmann - Ryan Sapsed - Rowan Brooks - Joana de Melo Sampaio - Ezekiel Orba - Ranjetha Vijayakumar  - Chris Kirby Lambert - Peter Alfrey -  Mihaela Tzarchinska  - Philip Varionov - Lea Valfigueira

The awesome polyculture study crew of 2019 

Week by Week Updates of the Season


Design and Create Webinars - Forest Gardens, Urban Gardens, Permaculture, Regenerative Farming      

We're hosting a range of webinars including how to create habitat to enhance biodiversity, how to design and build a forest garden, polyculture design software tutorials, regenerative farm and landscape design,  urban gardening and more. If you would like to be notified when our next webinar is coming up please add your email below and hit subscribe and we'll be in touch. You can also register here for our upcoming webinars.

The Season in Pictures

Would you like to be involved in the 2020 Polyculture Study?  Registration is now open for  2 week - 6 month positions.

Permaculture and Regenerative Design Internships 

Upcoming Courses

If you would like to create a forest garden and gain some practical hands on experience come and join us in the Spring. We'll be covering site surveying, landscape design software, installing access, beds, irrigation channels, planting tree, shrub, herb and ground layers and wildlife ponds. All in 3 days! And plenty of follow up material to take away with you to digest slowly.

Design and Build - Forest Garden Course  - Regenerative Landscape Design Course

Registration for our April 2020 course is now open with 15% discount on accommodation and food fees when you register as a group (2 or more).

If you appreciate the work we are doing you can show your support in several ways.

  • Consider joining us on for one our Courses or Webinars 
  • Comment, like and share our content on social media.

Polyculture - Forest Gardens - Permaculture - Regenerative Design Webinars 

Want to join us for one of our live webinars?  Forthcoming webinars include ;

Polyculture - Forest Gardens - Permaculture - Regenerative Design Webinars 

We offer a diversity of plants and seeds for permaculture and forest gardens including a range of fruit and nut cultivars. We Deliver all over Europe from Nov - March.

We also offer a range of products all year round from our Online Store 

Give a happy plant a happy home :) 

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