Saturday, 15 April 2017

Our Annual Polycultures - Epictetus

Annual Polyculture - Epictetus

We tried this polyculture for the first time in 2016 (see here for results). It's basically a strip pattern of various vegetables from different plant families arranged to reduce pests and diseases, optimize space and nutrient share whilst respecting the individual plant needs for space and light.

Epictetus Polyculture in 2016

Epictetus Plant List - This year we have amended the plant combination slightly to allow more space for the plants. The following plants and cultivars will be grown in this polyculture in a 23 m x 1.2 m  raised bed.  

Lamiaceae - Epictetus
Dimensions - 23x1.2m
Area =27.6m2
QuantityRecount in JulyCropFamily Date Sown Date Planted
110Beetroot - Boltardy Amaranthaceae17/04/2017
71Dwarf Yellow Bean - "Rocquencourt"Fabaceae14/04/2017
35Kale - Borecole - 'Siberian' Brassicaceae28/03/2017
35Swiss Chard - 'Rainbow Mix' Amaranthaceae28/03/2017
220Parsnip White GemApiaceae07/04/2017

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