Saturday, 3 October 2015

Thank you to everyone that made the first year of our Market Garden Polyculture Study possible.

It's coming to the end of the first year of our market garden polyculture study and we've now said goodbye to the last of our amazing team of volunteers.

We feel privileged to have been joined by a colourful array of characters making a brilliant team, and are very grateful for the time and energy they put into the study -  without them it wouldn't have been possible.

March - Day 1 on the site 

July  in the same spot with  production peaking  

Eternal gratitude goes out to our team of volunteers -  Plamen Pekov, Anna Boncheva, Trisha Franke, Petar Csobán, Alina Pekalska, Alexandra Broda, Kristian Deltchev, Hannah and Dobril, Katrine Bach Hansen, Kyle De Luca, Katalin Prodanov and Ashley and Orion.

The first few weeks - Photos by Trisha Franke

The next few months -  Photos by Trisha Franke
We'd also like thank Vitalia Baranyai and Birgit Albertsmeier for analysing the soil samples, Georgi and Smilyan Pavlov from HUMA for mapping, photography and graphics, Peter Alfrey for photography, Svilena and Nikola from Happy Horses Estate for allowing us to access their woodland, Dimo Stefano  and his worms from Waste No More and all of the previous guests, course participants and volunteers that have participated in developing the garden by making swales, planting trees, identifying plants and digging ponds!

Site photograph from Autumn 2014 and again in June 2015 - Photos by Georgi and Smilyan Pavlov    

Last, but certainly not least, our thanks go out to our first veggie box customers, local customers, customers and the pioneering hrankoop team for doing a marvelous job at connecting growers with customers and vice versa.

Produce from the Garden
Our record keeping continues as we still have various tasks to complete in the garden and perhaps a few more harvests before a serious frost halts growth altogether. The results should be ready for publishing at the end of November.  We'll be opening registration for the second year soon and have some exciting new plans on the agenda :)

Until then,

Happy Autumn!

Paul, Sophie, Dylan and Archie ... the Balkep Team :)

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