Thursday, 25 June 2015

Land Stewardship

We're proud to announce we have an additional 2.5 hectares protected from the encroaching monotony of intensive farming. The strategic purchasing of scattered plots throughout the area means that effectively 53.5 ha are off limits and the wonderful diversity of wild flora and fauna coupled with an extraordinary quantity of heritage fruit and nut trees in this area are much more likely to survive for our children to enjoy. 

New Plots purchased in June 2015 

Revenue from bio-nursery sales, our market gardens and educational courses sustain our project and help us to achieve our goal to protect and promote the regeneration of ecosystems here and beyond. We continue to commit to using all profit from our activities for the purchasing of land with high ecological value currently under threat from intensive agricultural development. The land, once under our stewardship, is managed with respect for its inherent value and vital ecosystem services.

A view from the land